A Training Guide With 21 HD Videos That’s Perfect For Any Starting Point 

Whether you're just a beginner who is looking to start an exercise program or a seasoned pro, The Ultimate Kettlebell Training Guide & 21 HD Videos are your go to guide for using Kettlebells to transform your body.  

Includes comprehensive information about Kettlebells, and all their benefits for health, fitness and fat burning. 

Two of the most amazing benefits listed in the book are the kettlebell's multiple muscle toning abilities and its triple calorie burning rate compared to other cardio exercises. 

Imagine burning 400 calories in just 20 minutes!  

Be Your Own Trainer 

The Ultimate Kettlebell Training Guide & 21 HD Videos includes all the information you need to begin your training and progress as you get more fit. Guidelines that are critical to the success of your training program, such as, choosing the right weight of kettlebells, best starter weights for both men and women, beginner mistakes to avoid and safety tips. 

A Complete Kettlebell Guide For Anyone And Everyone 

The Ultimate Kettlebell Training Guide was written with men, women and bodybuilders in mind. With a look at how Kettlebells can work for anyone, from those at beginning to advanced levels of fitness and for those that want to insure heart health, burn fat, build strength, re-sculpt their body or just improve endurance with fun and highly efficient workouts. 

Step By Step Instructions Of The Best Kettlebell Moves Plus 21 HD Videos

Includes many illustrated Kettlebell moves with step by step instructions. And, delves into moves that are best for different fitness levels, including, beginner, intermediate, intermediate/advanced and advanced.  

The training guide comes complete with illustrations to help readers understand the steps of the moves and also provides proper form and safety tips to avoid injury and yield the best results for your body transformation.     


  • Kettlebell Chest Press 
  • Kettlebell Curl 
  • Kettlebell Deadlift 
  • Kettlebell Swing 
  • Kettlebell Row 
  • The Russian Twist 
  • And Much More 

Complete Workout Plans 

Best of all, the book includes complete workout plans with detailed instructions that target different goals so you can start training right away!  

Including Workouts For: 

  • Fat Burning 
  • Beginners-Intermediate-Advanced 
  • Intense Full Body Transformation 


Learn what to eat before and after workouts to optimize your results 

Safety Tips 

How To Avoid Beginner Mistakes 

And Much More... 

Kettlebells will transform your body, build strength and burn fat, fast! 

Grab a copy of The Ultimate Kettlebell Training Guide & 21 HD Videos to learn how you can best begin your kettlebell training and start getting the strong, lean body you have always longed for. 

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