In “Coconut Oil Benefits: Science or Hype” you will get the straight scoop from an author that has no hidden agenda.

She is not a tree hugger or pharmaceutical company advocate but a researcher and author that has been hearing all the positive claims about the use and benefits of virgin coconut oil for treating numerous external and internal health issues and decided to spend countless hours researching and compiling her findings into this comprehensive guide.There is no filler in this guide.

You won’t find a bunch of pages that go on and on just repeating the same information or a long list of medical studies that you can easily search and find all of the details for from a “hidden research site” that we provide you in Chapter 6.

coconut oil benefits engineered evolution

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In “Coconut Oil Benefits: Science or Hype?” here is a small sampling of what’s covered inside:

• The right type of Coconut Oil to make part of your everyday life.

• What makes Coconut Oil different from other oils?

• How much to be taking to maximize its overall benefits?

• Lauric acid and why it’s so beneficial.

• Capric acid and its additional benefits.

• Why MCT-Medium chain triglycerides are the KEY?

• The saturated and unsaturated fat debate.

• Medium chain fatty acids (MFCA) vs. Long-chain fatty acids (LCFA)

• Taming those frizzy fly-away hair days.

• Stop embarrassing dandruff for good.

• Beating commercial moisturizers hands down.

• Known side-effects of Coconut Oil.

• Ketones and the Brain.

• And much, much more…


5.0 out of 5.0  Awesome information!!
William F. Holcomb

I have heard and read a lot of information about Coconut Oil and didn't know how much was true and how much was just plain crap. Tina's book is awesome. Her book is very easy to read, yet loaded with the facts about Coconut Oil and it's many benefits. She addresses every aspect of using Coconut Oil and what you can expect as far as actual benefits. This is truly an amazing super food, yet I even learned after reading the book that some of the info I was getting at my local vitamin store was incorrect.

Be sure to read the "25 Additional Applications" that she includes at the end of the book. I was amazed at the other uses for Coconut Oil I hadn't even heard of.

Thanks Tina for some great easy to read information!!!


5.0 out of 5.0  Nice concise guide to exploring uses for Coconut Oil

I first learned of coconut oil on Dr. Oz. So I bought a 32 oz jar at Earth Fare (should have gotten it on Amazon) and it sat in my kitchen for three weeks. When I stumbled on this guide, I finally cracked open the jar and started using the stuff. This is an excellent (and inexpensive) e-book which introduced me to several potential uses beyond the obvious. In a time where we have specialty products for nearly everything, it is smart to find a product that has so many extraordinary uses. You don't need a $20 book on this subject. I assure you this e-book will more than pay for itself the first time you avoid buying a specialty product that you really don't need - grab the coconut oil instead.


5.0 out of 5.0  About coconut oil
Richard R. Thiffaulton

It took 3 weeks to notice but since than I am pain free. I used to have pain in my joints all the time with flareups from time to time .For the last couple months no pain, flareups sparsely. Long walks no pain I swear by it . Spread the word its worth the trouble.